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  • To undertake various non-invasive programmes and solutions that conserve and use living natural resources like water, rivers, forests, aquifers, renewable energy to provide health and economic benefits for the society and the planet as and to carry out scientific research in the above mentioned fields;

  • To carry out work particularly on perennial and non-invasive solutions that preserve the integrity of the aforesaid living natural resources;

  • To carry out activities in the field of conservation of natural resources in non-invasive methods, in particular, including development and application of sustainable solutions for energy, water, forests, cities etc.;

  • To carry out scientific research in the above mentioned fields and to develop processes and technology which are non-evasive in order to protect and conserve energy and environment and file patents in respect of the same; 

  • To establish, fund and support new institutions for training or research in the above mentioned areas;

  • To create nationwide awareness of such non invasive solutions through presentation of awards, providing training through lectures, seminars and workshops and educational and professional institutions and associations, through funding of research scholarships, endowments and other forms of financial assistance for research scholars in the field;

  • To edit, print, publish or cause to edit, print, publish books, magazines, journals, periodicals, brochures and/or any other audio or audio-visual material for the advancement and dissemination in respect of the above mentioned fields; 

  • To promote, maintain or assist all activities by individuals or institutions anywhere in the Republic of India which are in conformity with the objects of the trust and are conducive to the wellbeing and general welfare of the society.

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