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Dear Friends,

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you the PI Sci Foundation. 

Here at PI Sci we are dedicated and committed to conserve natural resources on earth. PI Sci was born from long decades of scientific research, conservation and activism which paved the way to our very core value of 'Conserve and Use'. The idea came to me as I was walking along the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi. Through scientific research, we had demonstrated  that the floodplains stored a lot of water (nearly 40% of their entire volume) and could be used as a local, sustainable water source for large cities. If we only used what was given to us every year by rainfall, and not tampered with the reserve built over millions of years; then this precious resource would last forever. This unique idea was taken up by the Delhi government and is now proving water to close to a million people in Delhi. 

Since then, we have slowly built a solution based framework around 'non-invasive technology' and 'conserve and use', enabling mankind to live in harmony with the planet. To work with the planet, we need to know how the planet works– and this is the Ethos of PI Sci. All our  research is carried out in public interest science and is freely available on our website. In today's pressing times, we have to work together to preserve our rivers, mountains, forests, floodplains and aquifers for life to continue.  

I extend to you a warm invitation to join us here at PI Sci and support us in this transformative quest.






Vikram Soni 
Founder, PI Sci Foundation

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