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How Far-Fetched Is the Idea of a Perennial Supply of Natural Mineral Water?

Reference: Vikram Soni and Aditi Veena, 02 Jul, 2018, The Wire

Using meteorological data and mapping the Aravalli thorn forest using Google Earth, the authors find that the Aravalli can provide mineral water to several cities in Rajasthan at 2-3 litres per person per day.

Mineral water is the perfect drinking water because of its health benefits. Any forest formation near a city can turn into a local, as well as perennial, source of mineral water while conserving the forest and cutting down on the usage of packaged water in plastic bottles. We show that the Aravalli hills can provide most towns of Rajasthan and North Gujarat with healthful mineral water.

Restoring forest cover on degraded land: Three dimensional plantations

Reference: Soni, V, 2001, 'Restoring forest cover on degraded land: Three dimensional plantations', Ambio, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 167

Plantations without planting presents a new vision of forestry where shallow quarrying has been found to allow natural regeneration of local species from the trapping of seed in fractured rock. In the Arravalli range quarries on the Delhi ridge there is extensive natural regeneration of local species like neem and sheesham in cracked rock and mounds of rock debris left over from quarrying.

It radically changes the way of reforesting of forest land degraded by quarrying, quite naturally.

Research Paper
Tribal people and preserving prime forests

Reference: Soni, V., 2005 , 'Tribal People and Preserving Forests', The Hindu

Shows that if all forest dwellers ( tribal people) settled on prime forest, it would have the average population density of the country! If all the degraded forest, some 10% percent of our land area, were to managed in a joint forest management scheme with tribal people we maybe able to bring the forest back to health

Nature has rights too

Reference: Soni, V. & Parikh, S., 2008 , ' Nature has rights too', InfoChange News & Features

Protection of Nature’s rights is more important for human survival than even human rights. The article also points to the subterfuge of language, from expressions like green buildings, compensatory afforestation, ecofriendly, that is subverting this.

FROM THE THIRD POLE : ' Can rivers be Legal and living Entities' The judgement of the Uttarakhand High court

There is a chapter on the rights of nature by Vikram Soni & Sanjay Parikh that the judgment cites at length

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