How Far-Fetched Is the Idea of a Perennial Supply of Natural Mineral Water?

Reference: Vikram Soni and Aditi Veena, 02 Jul, 2018, The Wire

Using meteorological data and mapping the Aravalli thorn forest using Google Earth, the authors find that the Aravalli can provide mineral water to several cities in Rajasthan at 2-3 litres per person per day.

Mineral water is the perfect drinking water because of its health benefits. Any forest formation near a city can turn into a local, as well as perennial, source of mineral water while conserving the forest and cutting down on the usage of packaged water in plastic bottles. We show that the Aravalli hills can provide most towns of Rajasthan and North Gujarat with healthful mineral water.

Turn hills around city into water sanctuaries: Expert

Reference: Patnaik, S., 2016, 'Turn Hills Around Cities into Water Sanctuaries: Expert'

The article discusses conservation and strong regulation of the hills surrounding Vishakapatnam to act as a source of mineral water for two million residents of the city. It is estimated that by simply preserving the source, income generation of Rs 200-300 Crore is feasible for the city.

Forested hills source of mineral water

Reference: Sarma, G.V.P., 2016,'Forested Mountains Source of Mineral Water', The Hindu

Describes the intimate connection between forests and natural mineral water. Provides a drinking water and health solution for urban dwellers through a non-invasive, perennial, regulated and sustainable scheme.

Scaled-up solutions for a future of water scarcity

Reference: Soni, V & Veena, A, 2018, 'Scaled-Up Solutions For A Future Of Water Scarcity', The Hindu

Over 70% of all water sources are now polluted. The article points out how unknown yet unpolluted water sources, such as river floodplains for bulk water and local forests for perennial, healthful natural mineral water can provide for towns and cities - almost for free.